MetLife takes storytelling to the rawest of life’s situations?

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

MetLife takes storytelling to the rawest of life’s situations in a beautifully poignant set of new films

Protecting the future of your loved ones is high on the agenda for most people across the Gulf. It is concerning to still see however, the high number of people who are underinsured across the region. MetLife’s poignant new campaign sets out to help change people’s mind with a series of highly emotional films that frame insurance and investment in an innovative new way, and talks to target markets that may have previously been underserved in communication.

Taking on regional industry norms, the new campaign from RAPP Middle East & Africa, which spans film, digital banners, web and social media, truly reframes the decision to protect the future of the loved ones around you. Focusing on new target groups, and with a high number of young people in the Gulf spending a significant amount of their income on protecting, caring for and providing for their parents and extended family, (either locally or abroad) this campaign is a fresh and stirring call to action.

I wanted to draw the viewer in by using a naturalistic cinematic style and warm, engaging voiceover delivered by the central character in each family. Together with an uplifting soundtrack, each film became an emotional journey which underlines a message we can all relate to - taking care of our loved ones” states BAFTA winning director Robbie xxx.

The moving campaign contains three films spanning the stories of a daughter set to protect her elderly parents, a husband and wife’s journey through critical illness, and a father planning the future of his son. The series of films uses an innovative creative mechanic bringing the age-old tradition of letter writing to life in an emotive new way.

“At MetLife we see insurance as a promise. A promise that should you fall on tough times we will be there for you and your family whatever life stage you are at. Our protection plans here in the Gulf are a unique investment that you can make today and we hope this work encourages more people, at all life stages, to consider protecting the future we all cherish” Michelle Lee, MetLife CMO EMEA.

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