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Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Our recent film, Shirley & Fatima, for ApsaraPearl Group, has begun its global journey and is making waves on social media. Following the recent New Zealand and Sri Lankan attacks, we felt extremely passionate, as a team, about making a piece of content for the world that shows a story of humanity, of connection and of friendship.

Shirley and Fatima brings to life a story, through the eyes of girls, that shows, wherever we come from, together we are stronger. It’s a piece about connection & empathy that takes place between these two girls - whose friendship across cultures & faiths expresses a shared humanity & a united future. It’s a reminder as we live, work and travel worldwide, that to understand the nuances of the communities we find ourselves in allows us to connect, demonstrate compassion & create lifelong friends. As a team, we believe the world needs more stories like these.

In a time when the world needs brands to be generous, this film gave ApsaraPearl Group an opportunity to tell a unique story, with a beautifully crafted narrative and the most highly awarded global production team and director behind it. Directed by Samir Mallal, one of the most widely regarded directors in the world, with Piers McGrail as the DOP and produced by Hanzo Films, Company 3 and Assembly Room these leading global experts in their field rallied together to produce a spectacular story of two little girls. In so doing, we are extremely proud to have created a film about the wonder of childhood and the value of shared understanding in the societies we share.

As a team, we believe the world needs more stories like these.  May the rest of your 2019 be filled with the friendship and compassion that our daughters, of all faiths and cultures, so openly share.

Film Credentials:

Director: Samir Mallal

One of the most widely regarded directors in the world, Samir's work has bagged several awards at some of the most prestigious festivals in the world including Cannes Lions, D&AD, New York Festivals, Clio and Sundance. Across a range of genres, his work is recognized for its visual immersion, humanity and emotional truth

Director of Photography: Piers McGrail 

Piers has been one of the most well-regarded talents to come out of Ireland in recent years. His feature work has garnered multiple nominations and awards at IFTA, BAFTA and TIFF.


Company 3 is one of the world's post-production studios known for their stunning work in some of the biggest films to come out of Hollywood including Star Wars, Lion King, John Wick, Spiderman and Quiet Place among others.

Assembly Room - Assembly room is one of London's finest editing houses founded by Nik Hindson and Sam Rice Edwards and consists of a roster of 8 award winning editors who work across various genres and mediums including commercials, features, documentaries and promos.

Production Company: Hanzo Films FZE

Dubai based production house whose work across all mediums of storytelling has gained considerable attention from the industry and the public alike. 

Chief Creative Officer: Ali Shabaz, RAPP

Executive Producers: Hijaz Moosa, Danny Sawaf

Editor: Nik Hindson, Assembly Room, London

Colorist: Joseph Bicknell, Company 3

Music: Patch Rowland

Sound: Machine Sound, London

Casting: Kharmel Cochrane, London

Creative Team: Vanburn Gonsalves and Nicolas Cortes, RAPP

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