Digital Transformation: Buzz word or breaking point?

Digital transformation. You read about it. You hear about it. Your CEO asks you to action it. But what is it? And is it just a buzz word or is it really the breaking point for our future as marketers?

My challenge to us as an industry is to look at how much time we spend talking about this before spending equal amounts of time looking into whether it’s truly as relevant as we think it is.

Does your 7-year-old see transformation? No, he sees the reality he has always known in his 7 short years on the planet.

Does the babysitter see transformation? No she sees another app that means she can avoid going anywhere in order to buy, well, anything.

Does your mother see transformation? No she just enjoys a new way to video in to the grandkids.

So does it really exist or is it less of a transformation and simply a natural evolution that we could spend far less time fretting, planning and spending over?

We know that the digital transformation means online booking systems, paperless journeys, social media algorithms and machines that intervene in the day to day. But what does digital transformation mean to our reality as marketers that sell things? My take away is probably that it’s much less complex and far more intuitive than we think.

The transformation is happening now but it remains an every day journey to decide whether this is actually more of a buzz word to open meetings, and powerpoint decks, than truly being a breaking point in marketing as we know it. #answersonapostcard


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