Choosing Superheros over the status quo

My team works a lot on B2B brand challenges and it always surprises me that people automatically assume this means less creativity versus more. Why is this? Why is it we seem to think that businesses talking to other business people are any less human and emotive than businesses talking to all people? We are all fundamentally human, with personal lives, dreams and goals. We all love a good ad, a movie that makes us think and a GIF that makes us laugh. Having a corporate job title doesn’t take away our humanness! So, who says, you can’t you put a superhero in a piece of B2B work? Who says you can’t win awards and become the talk of the town?

Let’s ask Philips. Not a usual suspect perhaps, but their “Everyday Hero” campaign (it’s a few years old now) is so beautifully based upon an enchantingly true story of a window cleaner, that it proves that even brands with years of B2B heritage can turn a campaign around that is totally ‘human relevant’. Tear worthy and entirely heartwarming:

The campaign aims to change the perception of B2B healthcare professionals with regards to Philips’ offering in the professional healthcare space. The fact that there is overspill to changing brand perceptions for just about anyone who watches it is an added bonus. And believe me, when this launched PLENTY of non B2B viewers tuned in!

So, it’s B2B, it’s healthcare (also often incorrectly known as being a “less creative” communication genre) and yet it’s beautifully full of crafted details that make this charmingly perfect as a piece of film. The soundtrack helps, too — you can’t go wrong with an ad set to an acoustic cover of Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s “Revolution”, right?

The key takeaway? Amid our technologically driven world, our human touch is still paramount in connecting – whether it’s B2B or B2C is entirely irrelevant. Everyone continually says how tough 2018 was and how competitive 2019 will be. My plea to all marketers is to hero humanity and take a stance around (re)building families, friendships and human connection if you want to stand out. Don’t panic and revert to every contextual benefit you offer in a single ad, but instead focus on connecting with those who are unsure of the brand they want to choose. After all, we don’t choose our friends for superior speed, agility or flexibility, right?


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